Become Worthy Of Success

We want too many things in life. We have too many desires, prayers, dreams and hopes.
Of jobs, houses, clothes, money, businesses, health, romantic partners, children, social acceptance, and on and on …

Whatever you find yourself praying for or wanting right now, ask yourself:
Am I worthy of this?
Do my actions, beliefs and skills align with someone who would be worthy or successful at this? The answer should either be a HELL YES or a NO.
Not maybes, sorta, kinda. No grey areas.

Unfortunately though, more often than not the answer is a no.
And if the answer is no and you feel you are not worthy of something, then ask yourself; how do I become worthy of this?
Is there something I need to change in myself (physical or mental), my environment, my knowledge or skills in order to become worthy?

There is this misleading notion that no matter what it is, if we truly desire it, visualise it, pray for it, we can have it. I don’t entirely believe in this premise which has been sensationalised by books and movies like The Secret.
Don’t get me wrong, I am not opposed to having desires and wanting the universe/gods fulfilling those desire but where is your part in that? Where is your action? Where is your effort? Your effort to become worthy of that desire?
Intentions alone do not yield results, actions do.

The first step, albeit, is to have a desire, a burning need for something.
The second, not so obvious, step is to become worthy of that desired outcome. In your actions, thoughts, beliefs, skills, experiences and so on.

  • Do you want a promotion? Become worthy of that promotion. Acquire the knowledge, skill, network and experiences required to perform at that level. Put in the work. Don’t just desire it.
  • You want your spouse/partner to love you, show affection? Are you worthy of that love and affection? Are your actions, beliefs and outlook of someone who is worthy of such love? Become worthy of such love by first giving that love.
  • You want your children/colleagues/friends to respect you? Are you worthy of such respect? Do you have the patience, wisdom, aptitude to earn such respect? Become worthy of that respect by improving yourself.
  • Do you want to be a successful entrepreneur/athlete/writer/painter? You know what needs to be done. Put in the effort and do it.

Don’t expect success to show to up when you do not deserve it and have not earned it. It doesn’t work that way. Success doesn’t show up unless you do.
Don’t just desire things and expect them to come knocking on your door. Put in the effort in your actions, thoughts and beliefs to become worthy of success.