Being Kind

What does it take to be kind to someone?
Do we do it for reciprocity? With an expectation? Maybe far in the future?

Ever-increasingly the world is becoming a place where everything seems to be a transaction. Everything is done for a gain, even kindness, with an expectation of something in return. This may not be obvious to many but there is always an expectation.
But does this really need to be?
Is it really kindness if we expect something?
Shouldn’t kindness be the default setting… like organic food?
Why do we need to consciously think about it and go out of the way to be kind?
Kindness should be our default setting, without expecting anything in return. That is true kindness. Helping someone who can’t help us back or benefit us in any way. That is the true recognition of the self.

On the other hand, sometimes it not easy to be kind to certain people. You just can’t help it. They have the tendency to naturally just bring out the worst in you but be kind anyway because it says more about you than them.
You see, the ability to be kind to someone is within you. You have the power over your own emotions and feelings. Irrespective of how they make you feel. You are in charge of your own emotions and actions.
It is easy to have a cold heart. To be unkind and rude.
It is also easy to be kind to people who are generally nice but the real test of our kindness is towards unkind people.
Whats is the fun in doing the easy things that don’t challenge us?
Be kind to the ones that are not kind. They really do need it the most.