Transformation or Transcendence

To transform or to transcend?

In life, you only have these two options to any situation, problem or circumstance. Whatever it may be: getting fired, loss in business, loss of a loved one, struggling with being overweight or any other situation you consider to be negative. You can either transform it or transcend it.
I don’t mean mystic or quantum transformation through super-conscious states that transcend space and time. No. Far simpler but perhaps even harder to implement.

Here is what I mean:
If you don’t like something about yourself or a situation, you can either transform it, or you can transcend it.
That is, either do something about it and change the situation (transformation) or rise above it and accept it as it is (transcendence).
There is no third option.
Yes, you don’t always have the control to change a situation and you may feel helpless but stop complaining about it. Stop pitting yourself and being the victim because that is where transcendence comes into play.
If you can’t change it because there is absolutely nothing in your power you can do – and let’s be honest, there are very few situations in life where that may be the case – then accept it as it is. And let me make a clear distinction, acceptance or transcendence is not the same as surrender. More on that later in another post.


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