It is the single most important thing my generation has probably lost the art of. In a world of multitasking, your focus is a superpower. In a world of sparse attention, your focus is everything.

Where everyone and every corporation is fighting for your attention you must own your own focus and awareness. Billions are being made simply by holding your attention.

Our brains are not developed to multitask. We can only process one task or piece of information at any given time. We jump from one task to the other not multitask, its a myth and a misconception. 
Learn to monotask. Learn to stay focused. Learn to keep your attention. You will do great things in life.


Outcome vs Process

We live in a world where everything is outcome-driven.

Our productivity, efficiency, work, meetings and even our social and personal lives. We look forward to a favourable outcome in every aspect of life. Sometimes even from friends and family.

We are so trained to think of the outcome as the ultimate goal that the process of achieving the outcome feels cumbersome. The process is the hurdle. The process is what we try and avoid or rush through to get to the said outcome.

If we change our focus and start paying more attention to the processes we follow, improving them, learning from them, making them better every day, and dare I say, enjoying them – the outcome will take care of itself. We must strive to become better by improving our processes and not the outcomes. Enjoy the process and take pride in it.


Maximum Effort

Give your maximum effort to each day. Not your weeks, months, or years but to your days. When you do that, the weeks, months, and years will automatically take care of themselves and have the maximum effort.

Hit the pillow each night (or day – if you are a shift worker, I have been there) knowing that you did the best you possibly could have in all areas of your current life. You loved the most, you cared the most, you laughed the most, you thought the most, you planned the most and above all, you took the most action.

Don’t have pillow regrets. Don’t go to bed at night thinking I could have, should have or would have done ‘fill in the blanks’. Just do it. If you manage to stop your pillow regrets, you will stop your end of life regrets. 

Give your maximum effort to each day. The weeks, months, and years will automatically take care of themselves.


Finding Stillness

We get busy. Things happen, all the time. Often they are unexpected things while other times they are things that have deviated from the plan. 

We find ourselves in the middle of chaos. Despite all of that, it is important to find stillness. 
An inner calm. What we create and manifest within ourselves is reflected in our outside worlds.

If we can find stillness inside, we can create a state of order and calm on the outside. 
Find your inner stillness, there are many ways to do it and you may need to try a few different ones to see what works best for you

  • Meditation
  • Long solitary walks
  • Spending time in silence with yourself
  • Listening to calming music
  • Going for a swim

Whatever works best for you, do it every day. Make it part of your day, schedule time for it in your calendar, and make it a ritual. Find your inner stillness, find your anchor. The sooner the better.